The Sanctuary Programme

A day in the life…

Blending the 4 pillars of The Sanctuary philosophy, we bring together wholesome nutrition, emotional wellbeing, physical fitness and outstanding accommodation to offer a holistic 7-day immersive wellness experience. This is the ultimate opportunity for a restorative reset.

Our programme is all-inclusive, with a menu of optional extras for added indulgence and to personalise your stay. The beauty of this package is that every aspect of your wellness journey has been taken care of. You are freed from the responsibility, burden and planning that comes with undertaking a lifestyle transformation and can truly take a moment to think only about yourself.

At the same time, we equip you with the skills and knowledge to future proof your discoveries in everyday life. This is the opportunity to learn, grow, evolve and find your best self.

Trust us with the details. Trust your own power to succeed.