All inclusive fitness holiday

Whatever your goal

The Sanctuary fitness philosophy caters for diversity in fitness levels and physical ability blending high and low intensity fitness training. We are here to support you whatever your goal, be it improving body confidence, challenging your fitness limits, improving your sense of wellbeing or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whilst we promote physical activity as part of our holistic wellbeing approach, there are no shouty drill instructors and we ensure that you can feel inspired and motivated but at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Revival of the fittest

As with our overall retreat concept, your fitness programme needs to be in line with your ultimate wellness goals. We provide a varied programme of physical activity which ranges from calming yoga to high-energy circuits. This gives you complete training flexibility and access to a wide variety of classes and activities throughout the day. If your goal is weight loss or improved fitness, then we encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible. However, all guests enjoy complete training flexibility to opt in or opt out, which removes any barriers getting in the way of you committing to improving your physical health - no excuses!

The Sanctuary fitness team consists of energetic, qualified and caring people who will offer encouragement and support to help you best achieve your goals and oversee your achievements. It is a positive environment where everyone is welcome.

We have high-spec, fully equipped indoor fitness installations, but also take full advantage of our Mediterranean location to enjoy open air activities on the beach and within the glorious Andalusian countryside. The environment and views play a significant part in the total training experience. This is fitness like you’ve never enjoyed before. Exhilarating, challenging, energising but lots of fun.

Fitness activities run from 7am until 6pm each day but can be complemented by your own personal training time should you need it.

Fitness Facilities & Classes


Our top of the range Technogym is purely for your personal use and freely accessible at your leisure. It’s a climatised indoor studio, with views out to the garden. The perfect space to get lost in your own routine. The Sanctuary fitness studio includes treadmills, a stair climber, epi trainer, weights and squat rack by Techno, plus Concept 2 rowers.


You’ll feel on top of the world after our rooftop spinning classes! Spinning is a fantastic workout to improve cardio fitness and boost your happy hormones. We take it to another level by hosting our Spin sessions from our elevated terrace. Commanding panoramic views of coast, you can spin to your hearts content on our Stages SC3 bikes under the protective shade of our pergolas.


Fitness doesn’t get more fun than on a trampoline. Rebounding is a high-energy, low impact bounce workout set to music. Combinations of dance, jumps and aerobic exercise not only pump you full of energy, but also strengthen every muscle group in the body whilst stimulating the lymphatic system. It’s so much more than a cardio workout! It offers a complete mental release, improves your balance and co-ordination and encourages the body to flush through toxins.


The Sanctuary would not be complete without sunrise and sunset yoga to start and finish the day. We complement our yoga sessions with restorative guided meditation in the spirit of working on both mind and body. We have a dedicated yoga studio offering a range of modalities throughout the programme. This forms an important part of our restorative wellness practices aiding cardio and circulation, flexibility, muscle strength, breathing and relaxation.

Additional Fitness Activities


• Power circuits

• Kettlebells

• Boxing

• Team games

• Beach runs

• Mountain hikes

• Paddle boarding

• Watersports